Patient Testimonials

Chiropractic Lakewood CO Patient Testimonial

"Excellent and supportive staff - 5 stars!"

- Henry M.

"Brittany and Diana are my two favorites. They are very skilled and always help my pain. Glad I found this hidden gem."

- Anonymous

"I'm so grateful for the Denver Sports Medicine Team. Dr. Alysha, Dr. Vance and Dr. Brittni take such good care of me. They work together to make sure I'm always getting the treatment I need to maintain an active healthy lifestyle. They take a holistic treatment approach and appreciate that they are always on the cusp of the latest treatments available. The whole staff is like family and highly recommend them to everyone."

- Ellette

"I wish I would have found them years ago! Great people and a wonderful place for all of you physically active people who need a little help staying in motion."

- Leslie P.

"Alysha and Dr. Vance are both incredible to work with, my experience was amazing!!"

- Fab M.

"I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my chiro, sports massage and PT needs. The whole team has been instrumental in keeping me healthy and ready to go during my training."

- Andrew W.

"I have seen both Drs. Alysha and Vance for chronic shoulder and wrist pain from my job as a massage therapist. They have been a great help in keeping my pain in check and keeping me in shape for a physically demanding job. I recently had an accident which resulted in a broken knee and wrist. It was nice knowing I already had an amazing PT to help me get back on my feet. Thank you Alysha and Vance for all your help!!"

- Amy M.

"Dr. Vance must be a wizard. After two months of suffering and trying to figure out how to heal my back, and after steroids and muscle relaxers, and a lot of crying, I was referred to Denver Sports Medicine and after only 2 treatments, I feel like I’m well on my way to recovery! Thank you!"

- Cathy W.

"I have seen Dr. Vance several times to help me with my chronic shoulder issues stemming from an old sports injury. All I can say it that he is simply amazing. I am NOT a fan of needles, but he put my mind at ease with the dry needling that was necessary to help with my situation. What a difference it has made for me, and I am no long apprehensive of the procedure at all! I highly recommend Dr. Vance and Denver Sports Medicine."

- Delisa N.

"Dr. Vance is amazing. Once again got me in on short notice, straightened me out and I feel 1000% better. Sometimes you forget what it feels like to be "normal". I appreciate him reminding me what that feels like!"

- Josh L.

"It’s an amazing experience. Between getting the acupuncture the cupping and the chiropractor all in one and then you can also get Physical therapy or a massage."

- Cassandra M.


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Denver Sports Medicine
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