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sports massage for faster sports injury rehabilitation

Sports injury recovery in Lakewood requires individualized treatment and therapy. An athlete’s body has to heal correctly, strengthened and conditioned to return to action. Denver Sports Medicine specializes in treating all types of sports injuries. We can help you get back to peak performance in no time using innovative sports injury treatment to aid in the process.

Our Process

Each body and personal injury is different. Our success rate is due in large part to the consideration of these variable factors and informed treatment. While the basics of treatment is the same, the key is tweaking the therapy and training regimen to maximize results. Our experienced doctors understand the link between athletes, their sports, and the recovery desired. Our proprietary, dynamic treatment is innovative and delivered with a deft touch.

We take pride in guiding patients through the entire recovery process. From the moment of your injury until you are playing at full strength, we support your recovery. Education is proven to be the best way to achieve lasting results and to prevent future injuries. The longer you work with our staff, the more attuned they are to your body, speed of recovery, and durability. For example, if you’re having a slow week, our doctors can adjust your training regimen, toning down the week’s regimen.

Achieve Results

Recovery is a personal process that requires tons of support and motivation. Allow us to be your ally to help you turn your injury around. We promise you will return to your sport better than ever, ready to continue on your athletic journey.

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